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Dry Cleaners Berlin | Free Pickup & Delivery | ZipJet Dry Cleaners Berlin | Free Pickup & Delivery | ZipJet
Dry Cleaners Berlin | Free Pickup & Delivery | ZipJet Dry Cleaners Berlin | Free Pickup & Delivery | ZipJet

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Collection & Delivery

Do I get to keep the bag?
Of course! The bag is yours to use for all orders to come. At Zipjet, we care about the environment. Therefore, we designed our re-usable, branded bags to be perfect for transporting your laundry to and from our facilities.
How can I tell the weight of my laundry?
The folded laundry option is 14,99€ per bag, with each bag filled to a maximum weight of 8kg. The Ironed Laundry & Dry Cleaning option is not priced by weight, but calculated per item. More detailed information can be found in our comprehensive price list.
How do I request a pick-up?
It’s easy - just download our app from the iOS App Store or Google Play. The app will find your location and once you confirm your address, you'll then follow the on-screen instructions to schedule convenient pick-up & delivery times.
How should I sort my laundry before collection?
Place your clothes for Folded Laundry in one bag and for Ironed Laundry & Dry Cleaning in another. Please be aware, for Folded Laundry, there is an additional 5€ charge for separation of whites and colours.
I missed my slot! What do I do?
We're happy to reschedule your clothing pick-up to a more convenient time. Just re-book your pick-up using our app.
What do I do if my order is late?
Usually our deliveries are on time - but if they’re late, please contact us, and we’ll work out what to do next. Of course if this happens, we'll offer you a discount on your next order.
What if the driver is late?
Normally, our Pickup Pilots are punctual. However, in case that they're running late, please contact us at 030 2084 9164, or e-mail us at [email protected] We'll be happy to help figure out a solution, and reschedule if necessary.

2. Payment

How do I change my card details?
Visit 'Payment Options' in the Zipjet app. Simply click 'Add a Credit Card', and enter your new card details. You can remove old card details by swiping from left to right over the card you'd like to remove. Additionally, you're also able to change your payment details during the process of making your next order.
How much does it cost?
Please see our pricing list here: https://www.zipjet.de/en/berlin/price-list
Is there a minimum order?
Yes, for free delivery, our minimum order value is 20€.
Should I tip my Pickup Pilot?
While we appreciate the sentiment, there’s no need - we take good care of our pilots. If you want to praise a Pickup Pilot for their great customer service, we’d love to hear from you, and we’ll reward them accordingly!
Why do you wait to process payment until after my order is complete?
At Zipjet, we believe that no one should pay for a service before it is properly finished.
What payment methods are available?
We accept payments from MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Diner's Club debit/credit cards, as well as Paypal.

3. Washing

Are my clothes insured whilst in your care?
There's no need to worry - we take good care of your clothes. They're insured whilst being transported, and they fall under the standard terms and conditions of our facility partners while being laundered. If something happens, you can always fill out a claim form, and we'll investigate the matter thoroughly.
Are special detergents available?
Of course! We offer unperfumed and hypoallergenic detergents. Should you desire either - don't worry - our Pickup Pilots will ask you about any special requirements upon collection.
Are there things that you are not able to wash?
Currently, we wash almost every type of clothing. However, if our laundry specialists discover that it wouldn't be sensible to wash a certain item, we'll contact you immediately, and agree on how to continue.
Can you get a stain out for me?
We can definitely try! For the best chance of recovery, stains are best treated immediately. The smartest approach is to turn your garment inside-out, and run cold water over the stain. This will greatly help the affected area, and, in return, make the stain easier for us to remove down the line.
How do I know that my personal items of laundry are in safe hands?
The safety of your personal items is paramount. Our Zipjet Pickup Pilots understand that and are hand-selected professionals. If your personal items need to be washed a certain way, don’t fret- we’ll ask you for any special requests upon collection.
How do you keep my clothes together?
At our washing facilities, we use a bag system to ensure your clothing stays together - don’t worry, we won’t get them mixed up.
My clothes need to be washed in a specific way - what can you do?
We know that your clothes are very personal, special items. Therefore, our Pickup Pilots will always ask you about the way your laundry should be processed at each collection.
What should I do if my items are damaged in your care?
In the unlikely event that this occurs, please contact us as soon as you notice. We’ll deal with each situation on an individual level.
Where do my items go?
After pick-up, your order is taken to our professional facilities - which are continuously tested and monitored to ensure consistently high quality of service.

4. Cancellation

How do I cancel my order?
In case you need to cancel your existing order, you must do so three hours before your scheduled pick-up. If you are not able to do so, please contact our customer service line, and we'll assist you in this process. See below for contact info.

Contact Us

You have a question not answered here?
Feel free to contact us under [email protected] or call us +49 30 56795901!