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Berlin's On-demand Laundry Service

  • Free collection & delivery service
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  • Shirt prices from 2€

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Short delivery windows for maximum efficiency


Pick-up and delivery times from 6a.m. to 10p.m.

Attractive Prices
Attractive Prices

Free pick-up & delivery to your home or office

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How it works

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laundry service berlin

Meet your Pickup Pilot

We collect your laundry & dry cleaning from your doorstep.

dry clean and laundry pick up and delivery

Express dry cleaning

We bring your clothes back fresh in as little as 48 hours.

Our Professional Laundry Service in Berlin

When you use Zipjet, we'll collect, clean & deliver your laundry in as little as 36 hours. Our on-demand laundry service in Berlin aims to make life more convenient for those who have an excess of laundry and no time.

So if you've had that moment where you suddenly realize you’re out of clean clothes, don’t worry - it happens to the best of us! But with Zipjet, all your laundry worries are gone.

We offer a complimentary pick-up and delivery service that will come to your preferred location - be it home, office or hotel - at times that are specified by you. Our service is ideal for most eveyone - whether you don’t have time to do laundry, don’t have a washing machine or simply don’t enjoy wasting time on chores.

Zipjet provides two main services, the first being our Folded Laundry service , which is for popular items like:

  • jeans
  • socks
  • t-shirts
  • gym clothes

We also offer a shirt-service where dress shirts and blouses can be treated to our premium Berlin ironing services.

We have first-class laundry facilities that use quality products. Depending on your preference or special request, they will use scented, unperfumed and/or hypoallergenic detergents. Remember next time you're looking for the closest laundry service, Zipjet comes to you with just a tap of a button.

Our service is available all over Berlin, in Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Berlin-Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Schöneberg, Tempelhof, and Tiergarten. So what are you waiting for? Get liberated from laundry today!

Want more information on our prices? Check out our comprehensive price list for more details!

Laundry service berlin

Our dry cleaning & laundry prices

We provide two laundry bags, one for each of our cleaning options. They’re yours to keep!
Folded Laundry

Priced per bag, our Folded Laundry option is for your everyday laundry. Items are washed at 30-90°C, gently tumble dried and folded neatly for delivery

  • 8kg Wash & Fold
Ironed Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Priced per item, our Ironed Laundry & Dry Cleaning option is for individual cleaning. Items are washed or dry cleaned as appropriate, ironed and delivered folded or on hangers

  • Shirts on hanger
    from 2,00€
  • Blouses
    from 3,50€
  • Suits
    from 11,00€
See the full price list here

Looking For a Berlin Laundry Service Near You?

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Finally, you can use the chair in your bedroom for what its actual purpose - to relax in, not as a makeshift laundry basket. Don't feel bad though, we've all been guilty of this particular set up. But it doesn't have to be this way - that's why you have Zipjet!

When you place your first order, we'll provide two branded bags: green for our Folded Laundry service, and black for our Ironed Laundry and Dry Cleaning service.

When you choose our Folded Laundry option, your clothing will be professionally handled and washed at 30 degrees Celsius. And, depending on your specification will either be ironed or tumbled dry on a low heat setting and neatly folded.

If you don't know which clothing items should be washed, a general rule of thumb is that laundry is for more natural materials like cotton.

Zipjet is always the laundry service near you, and we're here to make laundry day a thing of the past. We take pride in taking the best care of your garments. From lace to velvet to cotton, our experienced team knows how to handle it all. Once you have tried our premium laundry service in Berlin, you won’t feel like doing a load of laundry ever again!

Download our free laundry service app, available on iOS and Android stores, and wave goodbye to laundry for good!

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